Museum grounds in Mantorville

St Johns Episcopal Church – HS Museum

Dodge County Historical Society museum is housed in the 1869 St Johns Episcopal Church building in Mantorville, MN. This limestone building is a design of architect Richard Upjohn, a friend of Bishop Henry B. Whipple. Upjohn (1872-1878) was an English born architect who immigrated to the United States and became most famous for his Gothic Revival churches. Bishop Whipple (1872 – 1901) was the first Episcopal Bishop of the Minnesota Territory and later the Minnesota State Episcopal diocese. Local timber and limestone were used in the construction of the church. Stained glass windows were shipped from England. In the 1940’s it became the Dodge County Historical Society Museum. The Society evolved from the “Dodge County Old Settlers”, organized in the 1880’s.

Red House
The house was built in 1856 by Henry Naegeli, the brew master in Mantorville. It has a limestone walkout foundation. The limestone was taken from the quarry in Mantorville. The house was purchased by the Dodge County Historical Society in 1990.

One Room School
The school building, Ashland Township, District #38, was built in 1883 for $1,000 after the original brick school house was destroyed by a tornado. The original desks, chalk boards and Red Wing Water fountain remain in the building… It was moved to the museum grounds in 1964. The bell tower and bell came from School District #74. Summer school programs are held here.


Dodge County Fairgrounds

The Log House located on the Dodge County Fairgrounds, three miles south of Mantorville. A WPA project built in 1939 and used as an Isaac Walton Headquarters for many years, where they displayed fish and animals during the Fair. It became the headquarters for the Fair Board until their new office complex was constructed. In 2007 it became the official location for the Society during the fair.



Civil War Recruiting Station
This limestone structure, built in 1855 by Col. James George, was first used as a bank and law office. In 162 it was pressed into service as a recruiting station for volunteers to the Civil War. It is the only preserved Recruiting Station I Minnesota and is said to be the only one west of the Mississippi. It has been a home, junk yard and abandon. In the 1960”s the Dodge County Historical Society purchased it and with the help of a grant from the Minnesota Historical Society restored it to its original state.

This two story limestone building, designed by the by the Doig brothers in 1858, was completed in 1860. It served Wasioja as a school for over 100 years as an elementary school. . It closed with school district consolidation. It was purchased by the Dodge County Historical Society in 1963. It still belongs to the Society and now serves as the Wasioja Township headquarters.

Baptist Church

This church was built in 1858 by the Free Will Baptists. The first church building in Dodge County and perhaps the oldest west of the Mississippi. Its style is a derivative of a Greek revival, similar to wood structured churches found I New England. The grounds once had covered horse stables. It belongs to the Dodge County Historical Society. Christmas Services are held here and it is available for small ceremonies and weddings.